two more weeks to go!!

I am so excited to participate in the Shoreline Art Festival during the last weekend of June 20201! It will be so exciting to see what artists can do when we are given a whole year to be stuck “at home.” It truly has been a creative journey for me as I had to face all my fears and insecurities in putting a bet on my art production. I still fight with those insecurities (Am I good enough? Is my art good enough? Should I be looking for a “real job?” etc, etc…) Nevertheless, I am choosing hope in order to deliver something joyful to people around me through my art.

I hope many of you in the area can come and support the local artists here in Western Washington during the festival and more like this event during this summer and beyond.

With the help of my fabulous friend, Melissa (, we are able to launch my website. Thank you Melissa! In a few weeks, I will be opening my online shop on this site. So stay tuned!

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